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Most people think that the things with the greatest capacity to heal are well known and openly shared.  But I have been stunned to discover that this simply isn’t the case.  Everywhere I go now, I meet with people who think they have tried “everything” to heal their chronic health problem, but when I tell them what worked for me, they realise this is something they haven’t tried.  Yet this is what WORKS!

It is startling how often this happens!

This is particularly noticeable when I run professional development days for organisations within the health care system.  Many of these people have spent years treating others, but they do not know how to SELF-treat.  Yet the art of deliberately applying the self-healing process (armed with right knowledge) is where true healing is at!  Often they suffer their own chronic complaints, yet to me, their problems often seem as if they would be easy to correct.

The biggest impact is when I actually show them how this works.  For example, I eased one masseurs chronic elbow and back pain quickly and easily – showing her how she could do this for herself.  She was naturally thrilled to be free of pain, but also deeply perplexed at how such a SIMPLE solution had worked.

But it’s not just with simple injuries that this occurs.  I have been invited to sit and talk with people in severe suffering.  There is inevitably an air of almost reverence for pain in the room when I walk in, but I don’t focus on their suffering for long as I know that for success, this is not the way.  Instead I introduce them to a whole new way of dealing with their problem, reminding them that true potential lies in what they do right here and right now.  So it’s very important that they learn what the 4 things that heal are as it’s these they need to apply.  So there is no time to talk of suffering as there is too much to do!  Most people LOVE this approach as it opens up within them a whole new avenue of hope.  This is not false hope, but rather it makes sense to focus on healing, not illness.

As this is a blog, I will leave it at that for now.  I urge you however, to take the time to read my new book as this is information that is not available anywhere else.  If you are overseas, there is a downloadable ebook on the homepage so you don’t even have to wait for postage.  Before I go, however, I’ll leave you with this thought provoking question…

Do you know which of your body’s responses occurs with EVERY health problem?  [Worth thinking about as this has the greatest capacity to heal.]

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