I would like to share with you the simple approach I used to heal myself from a whole host of severe chronic health conditions.  Not only does this method have the capacity to work where all else fails, it is practical, free and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

I first developed this approach almost a decade ago out of pure, desperate need – as, by that stage, my health had reached a point of collapse.  I had been down that long and expensive path that so many sufferers find themselves on, having been tested, injected, massaged, manipulated, put on a new diet, prescribed supplements, set an exercise program, taught a new way of moving and stuck with needles, as well as having my eyes analysed, my feet worked on and my energy cleansed – but still my health continued to deteriorate.  It looked as though my body was permanently damaged and diseased.

But right at the point when I finally let go of the fight to accept my fate, a wonderful new idea sprang to mind… I had always believed that my body had let me down and that my answers would be found somewhere within the many theories of healing.  But what if this wasn’t right?  What if my body actually held the answers?

With this strange, new thought in mind, I tentatively made my way out of bed and propped myself along the walls towards a full length mirror.  I then took a good, hard look at my body … not at my face, hair and clothes as I usually did, but at my body’s overall health clues.  I was shocked by what I saw!  My body looked hunched, twisted, pale and guarded:  My shoulders were stooped and compressed, my neck looked tense, my jaw was tightly clamped shut, my chest strained with each breath and my face looked ghostly white.  But instead of feeling horrified by this very “bad look”, it opened a whole new avenue of hope.  Rather than try to deal with my elusive symptoms, I could channel my efforts into resolving my body’s health clues.  For these were so real, they were staring at me!

From that day on, I knew exactly what needed to be done.  I spent every waking moment researching for ways to get my body back to stand tall and relaxed as it had long ago in the hope that it could then heal.  When I felt too unwell, I would carry on contemplating this while huddled in bed.  Even if a vertigo attack set in, I would let go of the fear and study what my body was doing.  My very ill body became my own research laboratory!

Eventually – after researching anatomy, the natural therapies, success stories and success principles – I found my answers.  I discovered a simple way to work with my body to resolve its health clues.

The result of this new approach was simply stunning, as I didn’t just heal a little, I healed completely!  I healed an old elbow, neck and back injury; I healed my asthma, ulcers, scoliosis and chronic fatigue; I healed my Meniere’s disease and depression; and I resolved a variety of symptoms that didn’t quite fit any label.  This was beyond amazing, but it was also strange to have been through so much only to find that the answer was not only simple, but in fact, logical.  It made me want to share this information with anyone willing to listen – and I hate to admit it but initially, even those who weren’t!

But I needn’t have bothered as news of my success spread of its own accord. As those closest to me learned how to self-apply this, so they created their own success, which in turn, created more interest.  News travels fast on the grapevine, particularly with the help of the internet.

However, I soon found myself inundated with people wanting to learn how to do this. Eventually, with the help and encouragement of some wonderful people from Canada, the United States and at home in Western Australia, I wrote my first book, Discovering Body Logic.

As I write this, my second book, I remain in vibrant health.  Out of my original thirty-five symptoms, only one (slight hearing loss in one ear) has returned.  As an added benefit, whenever I have experienced a twinge of pain in the natural course of life, I have known how to quickly resolve it.

This book refines the ideas in my first book to offer a simple skill to self-treat all injury, including foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck and jaw pain.  This can take athletic performance to a whole new level, spot check an injury the moment it occurs and resolve old injuries to the body’s greatest potential.  I hope and trust that this life-long skill will help you as it continues to help me.