A Self-Help Method That Can Change Your Life

The most powerful method of healing “chronic” injury and pain isn’t a therapy that money can buy, it is a valuable LIFE-SKILL that each of us can apply in the comfort of our own home.  However until now, this “solution” has been missing to those who need it the most.

This book will teach this skill to you.  It is SIMPLE to learn, FREE to apply but most importantly, it WORKS where all else fails.

Learn how to self-treat “chronic” FOOT, ANKLE, KNEE, HIP, BACK, SHOULDER, ELBOW, WRIST, NECK & JAW PAIN

Elite athletes and physical therapists use aspects of this approach, but rarely to full potential.  The BODY LOGIC METHOD outlined in this book will teach you how to master this.

Lee Mickle developed this method over a decade ago as a way of healing her own “incurable” illnesses and injuries.  Through her first book Discovering Body Logic, news spread quickly by word of mouth … helping people around the world free themselves from pain.  Her new book The Missing Solution To Chronic Injury & Pain simplifies this process even more.  It outlines how to self-treat ALL parts of your body.

This approach goes well beyond what doctors, surgeries and physical therapies can do for you.  It is about what you can do to heal yourself.