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If a person has made it to the highest realms of achievement in their chosen sport, they are clearly doing something right.  They have discovered how to push themselves to great heights while at the same time, protecting themselves from injury.

So what is it they know that most of us don’t?

Well, the answer is unbelievably simple:

Elite athletes knew how to notice and react effectively to their body’s health clues.

Most won’t consciously know they are even doing this of course, as to them it will feel ”normal”.  But this is their edge.  This is why only a handful with natural talent, the desire to dream big, and the willingness to do the work, actually get there.  How do I know this to be true?  It is because I have watched the shift that occurs in others when they discover this.  There is of course more to it, but this is the most important aspect.  Let me see if I can better explain through a simple example:

While travelling in Europe I was fortunate to attend a closed training session for the world’s best athletes.  There on the same field were sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers and throwers from all over the world intently training for their specific event.  As this was a final session before a major event, most of them were without the usual entourage of coaches and support staff.

I watched as a hurdler tried going over a hurdle and obviously unhappy with how it felt, stopped, did a series of stretches to identify where the restriction was coming from, then walked over to pull a ball out from his training bag.  He then placed the ball on the ground and laid his body on it to free up the area.  When he had finished, he got up, tried the stretch again, and happy with the result, went back to going over the hurdles … this time with ease.

I then observed a thrower go through the exact same process.   (The Missing Solution, p. 15)

Now here’s the most incredible part of this real life story:  I realised that day that these elite athletes were using a similar process to the one I had used to heal myself from a whole host of injuries and illnesses!  In other words, the same method that I had painstakingly pieced together was universal in application.  It can open up potential just as readily as it can help heal supposedly “chronic” conditions.  It was all based on appreciating our body’s health clues while knowing how to respond to them:  that is, consciously applying the true healing process.  

Fortunately my circumstances have allowed me to bring this “missing” part of the healing process to light so that anyone interested can learn it.  

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